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Hello there. My name is Keshaanthan, and there are only 4 things I value in this world. Happiness, Peace, Love, and helping others to achieve the same 🙂 .

My take?

The truth is that all of the above ideas have been ruined by the society we live in today. All these topics are either sold as rosy dreams or sugar-coated so that they sound simple to achieve.

The reality is as follows. There is a lot of pain and struggle that we all have to go through when experiencing the above journeys. That’s because they hold the most benefit for all of us in the long run (kinda like yoga). Achieving results in these journeys takes a great deal of effort, tenacity, perseverance, discipline, sacrifice, and determination. As well as an open heart, and an open mind. Factors that very few souls tend to warn you about, or reveal when you embark on these journeys.

That’s where I come in. I will be your weekly reality check, just far more polite and with a softer touch. My aim is to write about these ideas for what they truly are…messy, exhausting, and painful, yet peaceful ideas. However, you are not alone. I will be right by your side the entire time, and I encourage all who consider themselves a part of this community to be there for each other as well. The idea is for all of you to experience these journeys as they unfold, whilst having a solid support structure to lean on.

We are trying to create a mindset to live by. Specifically a mindset that I have aptly called the LOLY (Loving Others, and Loving Yourself) mindset. These are journeys we are going to be undertaking, not goals. Goals imply that there is an end point. Self-Love, Emotional Health, Mental Health, and True Love are without an end. It is a constant process of back and forth. You have to wake up everyday, and choose the mindset. For it shall be your greatest aid on this path you have chosen to walk.

With that being said here is the disclaimer. Going on these journeys may not be a smooth sailing experience. However if you are willing to whether the storms, when the sun shines again, I will show you that you can achieve Happiness, Peace, and Love in your life despite the challenges you may face.

So if you are ready to explore the vast oceans of Self-Discovery and Enlightenment, then let’s dive right in 😉 .

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